Nr. 24  (Travelling Library)

Gebaut von: Rathgeber München, Fahrgestell MAN (1912),

Umbau Verkehrsbetriebe 1927/28,    Fahrgestell Böker Remscheid  ab 1959

In the years 1927/28, the municipal trams Munich built their railcar No. 495, which they had received in 1912 from the company MAN, completely to a special special railcar to: the world's first tramway walking library. It modernized the car similar to the type D and built inside the car bookshelves and metal sheets in the window openings. Starting from the 13th of February 1928 the vehicle designated now with the No. 24 drove for the municipal lending library and had on regular sidewalks on stabling sidewalks in several further outlying quarters. The service lives were usually two hours. At that time, the concept of bringing the books by tram to the reader was a much-noticed novelty, but it was only in Budapest (1945-1969) and the Canadian Edmonton (1941-1956) imitators. First, the railcar 24 was painted gray in the style of the former Trambahnlackierungen in the window zone, including dark blue, in the early 1930s, the railcar received his familiar white and blue color dress. The car survived the war unscathed and so it could turn its rounds again in September 1945. In the 1950s, the railcar underwent some modernization (for example, modern lamps inside the car, rubber-covered safety glazings and a pantograph), but the ravages of time were gnawing at the railcar, which in its basic substance dates back to 1912. In the following years, five hiking libraries joined in with buses, which were like the railcar 24 located in the tram depot on the Westendstraße, in which there was also a branch office of the city library. After the end of 1969, on the one hand, extensive repairs were pending, on the other hand, increasingly the siding had been dismantled at the end stations for cost reasons, it was decided to take the vehicle out of service and replace it with an articulated bus. So they said goodbye to the car on 5.4.1970 as part of a celebration and initially placed it in the depot. In the summer of 1973, the then founding "German tram museum" from Sehnde near Hanover was a buyer for the historically significant loner and so the railcar traveled in August 1973 by train in the far north.

In Hanover, the condition of this valuable vehicle deteriorated, a timely restoration was out of the question for more urgent projects. Therefore, it was a great stroke of luck that the FMTM succeeded in the summer of 2015 in a spectacular exchange campaign to bring the Wanderbüchereiwagen together with the equally unique P 1.65 102 back to Munich. Here the vehicle is secured at least before further expiration. The exhibition-oriented processing, however, is a very big task. Therefore donations for the restoration are always very welcome!

© Archiv FMTM e.V.

© Archiv FMTM e.V.

Die Wanderbücherei hatte bei ihrer Erstpräsentation im MVG-Museum im Oktober 2015 die grosse Ehre, ganz vorne zustehen, wo sonst immer der A-Wagen steht.

A rare movie sequence of our Wanderbücherei                                                              © Pathe/YouTube

Technische Daten des WB 1.3

Gesamtlänge: 10,00 m;

Breite: 2,10 m; Höhe: 3,29 m;

Gewicht: 15,3 t; 

​Wagennummern: 24; Anzahl: 1 Stück.

A view inside the Wanderbücherei shows the good condition of the car inside

© Archiv FMTM e.V.

© Archiv FMTM e.V.

The Wanderbücherei car had 4 doors before his modification.

In 2015 the Wanderbücherei car was moved to the MVG-Museum. A nice clip shows this procedure.

Autor: Klaus Onnich / FMTM e.V.


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